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Grant Reports

Lisa Rodrigo

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing in response to your request as a follow up to let you know how the grant, in which I received, has been extremely beneficial to my classroom, not only for me, but for my 22 students I teach as well.

Upon the arrival of my projector, I was thinking about all the wonderful things I could do for my students. Not only would I be able to engage through the interaction of the digital projector, but I could also engage them with life like experiences that a desktop computer wouldn’t be able to do as well.


And then, the digital projector arrived! I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to open it up and begin! My colleagues and I have met several times to discuss how to operate the machine as well as coming up with new and exciting things to portray to our students in a new technological way.


Within my classroom, I have provided power point slide show lesson plans that are interactive and fun. I have also been able to teach the students a few science lessons with videos to support my teaching and allow the students to see, up close and personal, the life experiences they may never have a chance to see like taking a field trip through the rain forest or the cold, windy Artic! Hearing all of them, “Oooo” and “Ahhhh” has really made this journey fun for all!


My students are also benefiting from having the projector because now, I can project the student’s story book on there and the students can listen and follow along to the main selection in reading which makes it something unique and different for the students to observe. The clicker also helps me to navigate through power points and lesson activities with ease and students are amazed at how I can do that! To them it’s like a magic trick!

Along with the digital projector, I also received a document camera. This document camera is definitely a wise investment. I have found the document camera to be useful in many ways. Especially taking pictures of a textbook and then being able to project the story through the digital projector has given me an advantage. The document camera is also useful in providing my students with the most up to date technology, in the classroom, there is. Their eyes light up in amazement and they get so excited to learn! I am still becoming familiar and getting my feet wet when it comes to both items, but I am definitely excited for the challenge and love to see the looks on my student’s faces when we use both technological pieces.

Thank you so, very much, for giving me the opportunity to present my students with these tools.

With much thanks and sincerity,

Lisa Rodrigo

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