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Dual Enrollment Program

HU and Sci-Tech High

Students in 11th and 12th grade at Sci-Tech High School may choose to take college level courses at Harrisburg University. These courses include advanced math, science and technology. Harrisburg University uses the latest technology to support an instructional program for the 21st century withy wireless computers and wireless networks. The curriculum is project-based and requires students to complete calculus and advanced work in all scientific fields as well as extended research projects. Upon course completion, some students qualify for full scholarships at Harrisburg University.


The Harrisburg Public Schools Foundation supports Harrisburg University and Sci-Tech High School’s program to provide a seamless joint high school/college program for grades 9 – 12. Students at Sci-Tech take college courses at Harrisburg University. Both schools provide Science, Technology and Math (STEM) courses. Most of the students at Sci-Tech come from the district’s Math and Science Academy.


Dual enrollment provides students with the opportunity to take college level courses. Students may also be involved in community service projects and have extensive opportunities for shadowing and internship experiences.


In addition, teachers at Sci-Tech will take advantage of Harrisburg University courses for the purpose of their own professional STEM development.


This is one of the programs funded through EITC.

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