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In January I received the items that I requested with the mini-grant I was awarded for math supplies. The items that I selected to purchase for this project helps make our math centers more meaningful. Students now have the opportunity to explore and practice the concepts learned in whole-group instruction through engaging, hands-on, activities. Math picture books were also purchased, with help to further reinforce the math concepts that I teach in whole-group. Currently, 23 students are benefiting from this project. I am very grateful for this grant!

The project that I proposed for my mini-grant was to get headphones for my students to use doing their computer time.  Most of the programs (Reflex, Imagine Learn) that we use during our computer time also have audio options.  With 25 students, it was virtually impossible to remain under control with sound coming from all computers at once. 

Receiving this mini-grant, has allowed our students to now use the audio options and expand our learning capabilities.  The mini-grant has been a positive for all students in room 209 to realize that there are different things that we can use to grow as students and young learners.

My students in my K5 classroom are benefiting from the STEM materials purchased with my Mini-grant. STEM focuses on real-world issues and problems. STEM learning addresses real social, economic, and environmental problems and encourages soltuions to them. Real World STEM Problems have terrify ideas for the classroom projects. This Mini-grant has served 21 students in my classroom. Items my classroom have received are as followed:
-Interlocking building discs
-Interlocking straws
-Engineering science blocks
-Construction building blocks
-Magnetic Tiles
-Interlocking plastic discs
-Plastic Pegs

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