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Board of Directors

Board Members

Executive Committee

Marion C. Alexander- Chair

Joe Robinson - Vice-Chair

Gary Manley - Treasurer

Abby Beswick - Secretary

Vladimir Beaufils

Meg Burton

Maureen Dunbar

Yvonne Hollins

Rhonda Laing

Merry-Grace Majors

Stefani McAuliffe

Gloria Merrick

Bridget Montgomery, ESQ.

Adia Walker

Madeline Williams

Director Emeriti

Chris Markley

David Volkman

Morton Spector - Past Chair *

Chris Baldrige - Executive Director



We remember…

Karen F. Snider, Executive Director of the Harrisburg Public Schools Foundation, passed away peacefully and unexpectedly on January 12, 2017.  Karen, prior to serving the HPSF, started her career  in the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and rose through the organization until finally being appointed Secretary of Public Welfare in 1991.  After her tenure as Secretary of Public Welfare, Karen was named Chief Operating Officer of Northwestern Human Services, as well as founding Susquehanna Consulting and Financial Group in Harrisburg.  Her tireless dedication not only helped clients in the Pennsylvania human service system, but she also become an advocate for numerous community and charitable activities.  Karen served on numerous boards and was named Executive Director of the Harrisburg Public Schools Foundation in 2012.  Her timeless devotion and passion allowed the Harrisburg Public School Foundation to expand its support for the students, staff members and the entire Harrisburg Public School community.  Her energy, dedication, and smile, will be greatly missed.

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